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ANPR cameras to be deployed around Saddleworth in bid to cut crime

Saddleworth and Lees District Executive is doing its bit to tackle crime in the area.

Last year councillors sitting on the DE allocated £10,000 of funding towards the purchase of two mobile Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras.

The devices – operated by Greater Manchester Police officers – will now be deployed on main roads around the district.

The new cameras will record the registration numbers of vehicles using the area’s roads.

Not only will this give up to the minute details if the car is legal to be on the road, but it will also potentially help officers trace which vehicle was in an area following reports of a crime taking place.

The new technology is particularly useful in the fight against cross border crime.

It has been a long standing issue that a large number of crimes committed in Saddleworth and Lees are by criminals driving over the border from West Yorkshire.

Because the ANPR cameras will be on roads heading in and out of Yorkshire it will also allow closer working with West Yorkshire police.

Councillor Val Sedgwick, Chair of Saddleworth and Lees District Executive, said: “The District Executive is committed to fighting crime and anti-social behaviour in the district and also to work closely with Greater Manchester Police.

“Due to the huge size and largely rural makeup of the area some criminals think they can just drive into the area, carry out their crime and then head off home without being seen.

“These new cameras will allow officers to log the details of cars, including those of known offenders, so they can hopefully stop a criminal act before it has even been carried out.”

Detective Sergeant Trevor Eaton from GMP said: “We will not allow the safety of our roads to be compromised, and ANPR cameras are a vital resource in that effort. The technology is used to detect vehicles which are either connected to crime or being driven illegally, and can scan more than 3,000 number plates an hour.

“There is a strong link between the illegal use of vehicles and other types of crime, and we will use all equipment available to identify and bring offenders to justice.  People can help keep criminals off the roads by calling police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.”


  • Nick Watts says:

    I’m absolutely supportive of what the Police are doing here – but the day after Saddleworth celebrates Yorkshire Day, Saddleworth News posts an article saying that Yorkshire is “over the border” from Saddleworth

    Whether you agree Saddleworth is on Yorkshire or not, I’m surprised to read Saddleworth News publishing articles that so definitively suggest it isn’t
    – especially the day after thousands turn out to celebrate the fact they believe it is.

  • editor says:

    Nick in terms of policing which is done from Greater Manchester I think you will find they regard Saddleworth as GM for policing purposes. Don’t shoot the messenger!

  • Emma Smith says:


    Get a grip, darling. Saddleworth is part of Greater Manchester and has been for over 40 years. The Yorkshire Day (which I went to and really enjoyed) is a simply a cuddly nostalgia event, just like the Yanks Weekend. We’re not in the World War 2 anymore and we’re not in Yorkshire either. The more us Saddleworthians get hung up on a place we used to be part of, the more we hold ourselves back.

    Manchester is wonderful, love where you live!


  • TS says:

    Yeah Nick. Wind your neck in and stick to whats being reported !

  • Who cares? says:

    Here we go Nick Watts trippin’? The usual we are in Yorkshire hallucination comes up.When you are out and about Nick do you have your eyes open? If you do you will see the signs that show reality.Saddleworth is part of Oldham.Geographically Saddleworth is closer to Oldham than Yorkshire and so are the accents. Take a deep breath and get over it.

    The article is factually accurate.It mentions GMP and West Yorkshire Police working together.Why? because the crime issue involves the border areas of their responsibilities.To use “over the border” in that context is not unreasonable or inaccurate.The story is about Policing areas and as such is correct.
    It is not the job of the editor to change the facts of a story because of someone’s sensibilities and that is a credit to Saddleworth News.

  • Nick Watts says:

    Interesting responses!
    I take them on board and would say that you’re entitled to your opinions.
    However my opinion remains that that Saddleworth is part of Yorkshire
    I agree it’s definitely close to Oldham and is administrated by Oldham Borough – which is part of Greater Manchester
    As such, Saddleworth is indeed part of the Oldham Borough and Greater Manchester as well.

    However Yorkshire’s white rose symbol is found across Saddleworth – not least of which is Saddleworth’s Parish Council Logo

    Emma darling, I’ve got a pretty firm grip – thanks for caring – but please do double check your own grip, as your argument is pretty weak here…
    We also have big events to celebrate the Rushcart and Whit Friday and the Band Contests
    Are you suggesting that they are also cuddly nostalgia and that we don’t have a Rushcart or Whit Friday or Band Contests any more?
    …clearly not – therefore I think we can conclude that not all local events are there just to celebrate things that happened in the past
    – many celebrate things that remain current as well.

    Also, I think you might have missed the declaration part of Yorkshire day at Ammon Wrigley’s statue.
    – worth a listen next time since it clearly declares Saddleworth to be in Yorkshire.

    In the meantime I direct you to the signposted border between Yorkshire and Lancashire on the A669 in Lees – unveiled recently by the Mayor of Oldham.
    That’s a pretty big block of stone that proves Oldham Council recognises the fact that Saddleworth is in Yorkshire.

    In fact, thanks for asking – yes I have my eyes pretty wide open and see lots of signs in Saddleworth showing that it’s part of Yorkshire (and yes Oldham too)
    Have a good look – they’re also put up by Oldham council.

    If anybody has an factual evidence – rather than just personal opinions – to suggest those facts are incorrect, I’d be happy to hear them.

  • editor says:

    Nick, I think it is more the fact you were calling Saddleworth News for not altering the story to suit your personal view point that was the issue possibly.

  • Nick Watts says:

    Forgive me Stuart,
    I didn’t know you were only a messenger, I thought you’d had editorial input.

    But please understand it’s not about altering the story to suit anyone’s viewpoint – but about publishing something that so clearly states that Saddleworth is NOT in Yorkshire the day after so many people celebrate the fact that they believe it is.

    I’m sure not everyone will believe in the religions that celebrate Whit Friday.
    But I don’t think Saddleworth News would be so quick to publish something stating those beliefs were wrong – at any time, never mind the following day.

    Whilst I appreciate that believing Saddleworth is in Yorkshire isn’t a religion (yet!!) it is still a belief that many people have and they are entitled to
    And that should be respected – not belittled or dismissed by anyone.

    As I said from the start, I’m fully supportive of what the police are doing here but am just surprised to read Saddleworth News dismissing that belief – especially given the timing.

  • editor says:

    Nick your entitled to your views. This story wasn’t written by us but the police and Lees partnership. I see no reason to alter it to accommodate different view points. If there was a typo saying Saddleworth was in Gloucestershire then obviously. Not my job to decide what county the folk of Saddleworth prefer us to be in!

    Also it related to policing in the area and as far as they are concerned we are not on Yorkshire for crime prevention services.

    We could always run a poll again 😉

  • Emma Smith says:

    Oooh yes, a poll.

    Q1. Are you stuck in the dark ages?
    Q2. Do you over-romanticise the past?
    Q3. Do you commute to work on a Rushcart?

    Run the poll Stuart, run it

    Ha ha 🙂

  • Nick Watts says:

    LOL yes please run it !!
    But if you’re going to use Emma’s suggested format, please do also include:

    Q4. Do you know what an Internet Troll does?

    😉 xxx

  • james says:

    It doesn’t matter weather or not you think you live in Yorkshire or Lancashire,it’s about the police doing there job to protect the residents of Saddleworth and making it a safer place to live.Saddleworth is a beautiful place and no post code change can take that away from us.

  • Milano says:

    An area, village, town or city can be part of both a Geographical County and a Metropolitan County. Saddleworth is in Yorkshire AND Greater Manchester just like Bolton is in Lancashire AND Greater Manchester or Marple is in Cheshire AND Greater Manchester. Try telling someone from Bolton that they’re not from Lancashire anymore.

    I’m not bothered either way but it is a fact that Saddleworth is in Yorkshire (and Greater Manchester). It is nor has it ever been in Lancashire. There are hundreds of other examples of towns and villages that have a post code from one county but reside in another. Most places don’t bother too much but because of the Lancs/Yorks rivalry and other socio-historic factors Saddleworth has always had a proud Yorkshire identity. Just I suppose like Dumfries and Galloway are probably the most ardently Scottish parts of Scotland despite being further south than most of Northumberland. If you don’t care about being in Yorkshire then fair enough, but don’t presume to tell others how to think.

  • Dr Evil says:

    Hey Nick

    If we are actually still in Yorkshire, why have some talented young lads from Delph been selected for the Lancashire cricket team?

    Should you and your band of brothers be insisting that they play for Yorkshire?

  • Nick Watts says:

    Hey Dr Evil,
    I should first point out that I’m not insisting anyone do anything – especially not when it comes to cricket 🙂

    I’m no expert at the rules for picking cricket team members (I was always last to be picked!)
    We know you’re the boss and you need the info, but given Lancashire’s current captain since 2009, Glen Chapple was born in Skipton (also in Yorkshire) I get the feeling your point is probably about as related to this topic as sharks with frick’n laser beams!

    Well done to those lads for being selected for their talents though – rightly so!

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