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Ruby Anstee – Editor
Stuart Littleford – Reporter
Allan Roach – Reporter
George Wilson – Reporter and IT
Judith Grinter – Reporter

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Saddleworth news and lifeSaddleworth News and Life covers Saddleworth and surrounding areas. We offer news, views, culture, arts, local happenings, business developments, and opportunities for advertising. The site was set-up and is run by Professional Journalists living,working and socialising in Saddleworth.

We are the most read news source in the Saddeworth area, reaching over 80,000 people on average every week. As a hyperlocal news and interest source, our biggest readership is Saddleworth residents, with a coverage over Rochdale, Oldham, Tameside and surrounds. We also have a few over-seas readers as far away as Australia and Northern Spain.

We have the capacity to add video, sound bites, gifs, links and more as it is an online source that is specialising in making the most of social media and being online. The majority of people under the age of 50 yrs nowadays get most of their news and information online, and rarely pick up a newspaper or magazine. It’s not JUST being online, it’s how people interact with the website and the brand ‘Saddleworth News and Life’. Follow us to see how we intereact in an appropriate manner to encourage our readers to read more and see more!

We can give statistics to let you know how your advertising is working, who it’s reaching and suggest how, if needed, that could be improved to increase the effectiveness of your campaign. Now don’t tell me you can get this with a newspaper? Maybe fish and chips in it the next day…

It’s the future, let’s listen to our children! 

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