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Saddleworth News is a website giving news and information about Saddleworth and the surrounding area. It’s for people who live in Saddleworth as well as those who like to visit. To use a trendy piece of jargon, it’s a ‘hyperlocal’ website, which basically means it contains information about what’s going on in a particular local area. Sites like this one are starting all around the UK, as local people fill the void left by cutbacks and closures in the traditional media.

There’s also the opportunity for you to get involved. If you want to write an article about something, or send in a photo you’ve taken, then feel free to do so. Also get in touch if there’s an issue you’d like to see investigated. You can send an email to, or by clicking on Contact at the top of the page. Or, if you prefer, you can make comments at the bottom of any article which appears on the site.

Saddleworth News was founded in February 2010 by journalist Richard Jones. A stay-at-home dad, he ran it until he returned to work in October 2011. Digital Journalism student Sadaf Hussain from University Campus Oldham, part of the University of Huddersfield, then edited the site as a final year project, completing her stint in March 2012. The site was then edited by journalist Stuart Littleford until Ruby Anstee took over recently.

The site is now owned by RA Media and is edited by freelance journalist¬†Ruby Anstee. A name change to¬† incorporate Saddleworth Life was made in November 2017 to reflect the changing nature of readers’ interests and requirements.

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