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A Walk Along The Micklehurst Loop

The route of the Micklehurst Loop is now overgrown in places. (picture: Worthing Wanderer)

A former Saddleworth resident has returned to the area to take a walk along the disused Stalybridge to Diggle railway line. Paul Willis writes the Worthing Wanderer website about the various walks he goes on throughout the British countryside, and his latest post is about the so-called Micklehurst Loop.

You can read Paul’s article about his walk here.

He gives lots of information about the history of the line, and it’s all illustrated with photos of what it looks like today. More details about the line can be viewed at its Wikipedia page here, or by following one of the many links Paul includes in his post.

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  • Geoff Kerr says:

    A shame this route was not safeguarded after closure. It could have been the main line for the frequent express trains, allowing an improved local service to serve Mossley and Greenfield on the existing line. Much of the original trackbed is now a bridleway but the bridges and viaducts are gone and the tunnels partly filled in.

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