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Cars destroyed in Dobcross early morning blaze

Firefighters tackle the burning cars in Dobcross

Firefighters tackle the burning cars in Dobcross

Reporter: Stuart Littleford

A number of cars have been destroyed after fire engulfed a Dobcross garage early this morning.

Firefighters were called to the blaze near Nicker Brow in the village after residents were woken by the sound of explosions from the vehicles. The explosions were heard as far away as Uppermill resulting in a large number of calls to the emergency services.

Three cars were completely destroyed in the blaze and another parked nearby suffered severe damage to its front end.

The fire started at around 3am and is believed to have resulted from an electrical fault according to the fire service.

The owner of a burnt out Ford Ranger, Les Leech, told Saddleworth News: “I was woken by the sound of crackling and banging and the next thing I saw was the garage was on fire, gladly no one has been injured, that’s the main thing.

“My classic campervan has also been destroyed along with the Ranger, which is a shame as I’ve had it since it was two years old.”

Firefighters also raised concerns with the police that some parked cars had blocked the road further up – preventing fire appliances from getting closer to the fire.

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