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Looking for Old Boys from Lees and Saddleworth Boys Brigade

ASaddleworth news reunion of Old Boys from Lees and Saddleworth Boys Brigade has been organised. Help is needed to find the boys.
Please ring Maggie Hurley on 0161 622 9252 with any information or for more details.


Support for local women’s charities by Oldham Theatre

The town’s oldest amateur dramatics theatre, the Lyceum  Theatre Oldham, thanks its audience’s continual support. This means that they able to donate to worthy charities in the community every year.

In 2017, they have chosen local charity Inspire Women, part of the Inspiring Futures Partnership CIC to receive £1000, whilst cancer charity Maggie’s Oldham receives £250. Ongoing plans to erect a statue of Oldham’s local suffragette Annie Kenney receives £50.

The main recipient is Inspire Women. Established in 2012 by a group of local women; Inspire have created a

Oldham Photographer

Sponsored by Jude Gidney Photography

n empowering and nurturing space for women in the  middle of Oldham. They have developed a beautiful space where women are not judged,  don’t have to pretend that they are holding everything together,  can be honest without fear and importantly feel connected, have a voice and are encouraged to become Leaders of their own lives.


Having met the women at Inspire Women, Ruth Blaszczok, Vice Chairman of the Theatre, said: “It was an absolute pleasure to come and present the cheque today, you are doing wonderful work with the centre!! It’s such a lovely


Maggie’s Oldham opened in June 2017 providing practical and emotional support to people living with cancer and their families and friends. Based in the grounds of The Royal Oldham Hospital Maggie’s is a warm and welcoming place, with a small team of qualified professionals on hand to provide people with the support they need to find their way through cancer and deliver a programme of support that has been shown to improve physical and emotional wellbeing.

‘Take a seat’ in age-friendly Greater Manchester

To help older people feel more confident about leaving their homes, housing providers across Greater Manchester are encouraging local businesses to sign up to the ‘Take a seat’ scheme in a bid to make our region more inclusive, accessible and age-friendly.

Saddleworth NEws

Sponsored by Askew Electrical Engineering Ltd

Inspired by a similar project in New York City, the scheme simply asks local businesses to make seats, toilets and a drink of water available to people who may need them. Businesses that sign up to the scheme are also given a checklist of ways to make their premises more age- and dementia-friendly. They are encouraged to display clear signs, store items within easy reach, and keep floors clutter-free.
The idea has already been successfully implemented and delivered in south Manchester by Southway Housing and is now being rolled out across the region by Greater Manchester Housing Providers Group.

‘Take a seat’ ties in with the Mayor of Greater Manchester’s ambitions to make Greater Manchester the UK’s first age-friendly city region, and is part of wider plans designed to make our shops and local town centres more accessible to all, benefiting both local people and local economies.
The Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham, said:
“We should be celebrating the fact that people are living longer and do all we can to help people live their lives to the full as they grow older. This scheme has the potential to make a huge difference to people’s lives; more people will feel able to leave their homes, socialise and interact with others, and lead a much better quality of life.

“I’m determined for Greater Manchester to become the first age-friendly city region in the UK, and simple schemes like this are just the start. We need to change attitudes and do more to remedy those barriers that prevent older people from contributing to and playing an active role in their communities.”
Oldham Council Leader and Greater Manchester Combined Authority’s lead for Fairness, Equality and Inclusion, Jean Stretton, said:
“It’s vital that we make Greater Manchester a more accessible and age-friendly place for everyone, so I really welcome the launch of Take a Seat. Facilities that offer people the ability to stay independent and at ease in getting out and about in their local communities are really important. Barriers to this must be broken down to help with inclusion as they affect many people, particularly older people or people with a disability.

“We have a growing older population across Greater Manchester so the challenge of becoming the first age-friendly City Region is one we must start to tackle now. By offering friendly facilities like this – and without the pressure to buy – businesses can help to make a real difference to the lives and confidence of many people in their communities.”
Initially delivered in Manchester by local housing provider, Southway Housing, ‘Take a seat’ is now being rolled out across the region by Greater Manchester Housing Providers Group, and 25 housing providers have already agreed to rollout the scheme in their local area.
Karen Mitchell, CEO of Southway Housing, has long been an advocate of the scheme and played an instrumental role in getting the project rolled out across Greater Manchester. She said:
“Southway’s age-friendly work has changed many lives in south Manchester. As such it has been recognised as a leading model regarding the projects and ideas that have grown from our extensive work and research. We are really pleased to be extending our ideas and tools to more partners so we can help enhance the lives of even more people across the city and beyond.”

Elaine Unegbu, from Greater Manchester’s Older People’s Network said:
“We’re delighted that Greater Manchester is taking this vital step to make shops and businesses more accessible. Older people want to get out and about, and we want to do as much as we can as independently as possible. We look forward to working with those involved in the scheme to make sure older people across Greater Manchester have a voice in the decisions that affect their lives.”

In support of Andy Burnham’s plans to make Greater Manchester a great place to grow old, the Greater Manchester Ageing Hub is leading work to make Greater Manchester the first age-friendly city-region in the UK.
Today Andy Burnham and Jean Stretton, will meet with older people from the Fatima Women’s Association in Oldham to talk to them about their experiences and hear their views on the new scheme. The Fatima Women’s Association is just one of the projects to have benefited from the £10.2m ‘Ambition for Ageing’ programme led by the Greater Manchester Centre for Voluntary Organisations (GMCVO) funded by the Big Lottery. The funding is designed to create more age-friendly places and help people live fulfilling lives as they grow older.

To find out more about the work of the Greater Manchester Ageing Hub, visit: or follow @GMAgeingHub on Twitter.
Find out more about the ‘Take a seat’ scheme and download the information pack from


Duck as the traffic flies past in Uppermill

Church Rd Saddleworth Reporter: Ruby Anstee

There are doubts by locals as to whether new signs that have been put up by the council will make a difference to the safety of the wildlife in the Village. After ducks were recently hit by cars driving in Uppermill, unofficial ‘Geese in the Road’ signs were erected by local residents. The signs were mysteriously removed, and official ones have now appeared.

The new warning signs have been put up at the end of New Road, the beginning of Church Road near the Village Pond. The small watery haven, found on Church Road Uppermill, is home to a couple of white geese and a brace of ducks. These birds regularly walk on the road adjoining the pond.

At certain times of the year the residents of the pond are joined by migrating Canada geese, and the original ducks and geese seem to feel the need for space, hence moving around the immediate area. They have taken to grazing on the Village green next to the Saddleworth Medical Practice and the grassy area opposite the Methodist Church, which involves jay walking across Church Road.Saddleworth news ducks

Angela Gray of New Road, Uppermill, told Saddleworth News “I do think something needed to be done as it’s difficult to get out of the Church Road junction, cars were flying around the bend. “It’s an accident waiting to happen! “I think the drivers are taking notice of the sign. “I have just watched several cars who have slowed down but the bus went whizzing by.”

Martin Rhodes, a local Postman from Mossley, told Saddleworth News “They drive too fast. You could put a big pink wall across [the road] and it wouldn’t make any difference [ to the speed of drivers].”

A spokesman from Oldham Council said “The signs that have been erected are to warn motorists of the presence of ducks/geese crossing the road so they can adjust their driving speed accordingly through the area.”

Saddleworth News is wondering what measures it will take to ensure the safety of the wildlife, pedestrians and other motorists in the area. What about one of these signs in the video?…


Saddleworth School Location Poll – Revisit

saddleworth news ggl

In Feb 2015 a poll was run by Saddleworth News regarding the preferred location of the new-built Saddleworth School.

Saddleworth News has decided to revisit the question to see if opinions have changed. This is just purely out of interest.

The step by step guide to Clearing – and to finding awesome student accommodation!

ISaddleworth news studentf you think you might not have done as well in your A-Levels as you hoped, it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the Clearing process in advance of results day. Even if you think you aced your exams, it’s worth having an understanding of Clearing, just in case.

Clearing allows students who didn’t get the results they were hoping for to find a suitable university course. Read the Collegiate AC step by step guide to Clearing to ensure you have the knowledge you need to find the course you want.

Clearing – the step by step guide

You can use Clearing to find courses with vacancies. Then it’s time to discuss the course directly with the college or university that provides it. If they’re happy to offer you a place, you can accept it online.

1. Check your status in Track. If it says ‘Clearing has started’ or ‘You are in Clearing’ then you’re in Clearing.

2. Use the UCAS search tool to look at courses that are available. Vacancies are updated regularly, so keep checking back if you’re looking for something specific. You could also consider studying a different subject.

3. Speak to the universities and colleges that you are interested in. If you give them your Clearing number and Personal ID number, they will be able to see your Track application online.

4. Gather informal offers over the phone and decide which one you want to accept.

5. Add details in Track of the offer that you wish to accept, using the details that you were given on the phone. This counts as your acceptance of the offer, so be sure you are certain before entering the details.

6. The college or university will then confirm the offer and you will receive a confirmation letter through Track.Saddleworth news

And that’s it! Many students feel panicked by Clearing, but it’s actually a simple process, so just keep your cool and work through the process until you’ve found the perfect course.

Britain’s Got Talent’s Daliso Returns To Greenfield!

Saddleworth Comedy at Saddleworth news

9 September

Britain’s Got Talent fans will be amongst the first in the queue for the Boarshurst Silver Band fundraiser at Off The Rails Comedy Club on Saturday 9th September when Britain’s Got Talent Finalist Finalist Daliso Chaponda returns to Greenfield!

Malawi’s Daliso has been a regular booking at Off The Rails for well over a decade after moving to the UK and his new found fame has won him a whole new legion of fans as well as his own Radio 4 series and UK tour which starts early next year after a quick preview at, you’ve guessed it, Off The Rails!

Saddleworth NEws

Sponsored by Askew Electrical Engineering Ltd


Daliso’s comedy career had a very unusual start. He was raised in Canada after fleeing his home country as a refugee. When

complications arose over his immigration status he chose to appeal to the authorities through the medium of a of a one hour comedy show at the Montreal Festival entitled ‘Please Don’t Deport This Black Man’. Unfortunately for Daliso this was followed up the next year with the tellingly named ‘They’re Deporting Me Anyway’

Canada’s loss was Britain’s gain however and he has been resident in the UK for over ten years now but still regularly performs his ‘Laughrica’ shows in Africa. after being raised in Canada.

Daliso is joined by headliner Mick Ferry and compere Rob Riley whilst Canada’s Matt Stellingwerf adds to the international feel of the evening. Admission is £12 on the door (assuming there are tickets left) or £10 in advance and the show takes place in the upstairs function room at the Royal George, Greenfield. You can get full details at or ring Rob on 07874 152 338

Jail for Setting Up Fake Companies

A man who set up five fake companies to illegally gain over £175,000 has been jailed.Sponsered by Chambers Self Storage
James Simpson Taylor (4/3/60) of Ivy Green Drive, Oldham, pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing, to conspiracy to commit fraud by false representation, five counts of fraudulent trading, and making an article for use in fraud.

On Tuesday 15 August 2017, he was sentenced to 36 months in prison at Manchester Crown Court, Minshull Street.
Between 2014 and 2015 Taylor set up five companies selling replacement conservatory roofs. He arranged for advertisements in the national press, magazines and the internet, attracting large numbers of enquiries from customers all over the country, many of whom were elderly.
Taylor agreed to work and took deposits from customers, usually between £1000 to £2000, but he failed to carry out the required work for all but a handful of customers. Within a short time of his company taking the deposits it then stopped trading, and Taylor set up a fresh company and repeated the process.
Taylor employed salesmen and surveyors who all believed they were working for legitimate companies and many of whom are still owed money for work they carried out.

He rented multiple serviced and ‘virtual’ offices to create the illusion of well-established trustworthy national companies, but he left a trail of unpaid bills and invoices, and created fake payslips.
He also used multiple alias names and changed his mobile numbers multiple times during his trading, which meant that customers were unable to contact him about their orders.
Taylor spent customers’ money on himself, including using it to pay rent, food shopping, iTunes, and paying the vet.

In total he defrauded customers of more than £175,000.
Taylor also defrauded British Gas, when he was living in a property supplied by them but repeatedly changed his identity and phone numbers to pose as a new tenant, leaving unpaid gas and electric bills of over £14,000.

Detective Constable Andrew Butcher of GMP’s Fraud Investigation Team said: “Taylor’s selfish and manipulative behaviour caused misery for his customers and those he employed, who have been left with huge losses.
“Taylor also told numerous lies to customers about why their conservatory roofs had not been fitted, including that his mother had died of cancer, that his partner was in a coma and that he was unwell. He also promised some refunds, and on the few occasions he sent refund cheques to customers, he then cancelled them.
“This sentence shows how robustly the police and courts deal with fraud and should send a firm message to anyone who thinks they can get away with it.”

Talks and Things in Saddleworth


Thursday 31st August 2017, 7.30pm. At the Saddleworth Museum, Uppermill.  Saddleworth Civic Trust has an Illustrated Presentation by Julian Somerville, entitled “The Royal Mail – 500 Years and Still Delivering.”

All welcome, No charge but prospective new members most welcome. Refreshments available for small charge.


WSaddleworth news ednesday 13th September 2017, at 7.30pm. At the Saddleworth Museum, Uppermill.  Saddleworth Historical Society has an Illustrated Presentation by Dr. Stephen Bowd entitled “John Dee and Elizabethan Lancashire.”

All welcome, but a charge of £3 on the night for non-members. Refreshments available.

Also on Sunday 19th November 2017 the Saddleworth Civic Trust is holding a FLEA MARKET at the Civic Hall in Uppermill from 10am to 3.30pm.
There are still a number of stalls available so if you are interested in hiring a stall, please phone 01457 876858. The stall costs are £14 for a single stall and £22 for a double stall.

Uppermill Community Association Update

UPPERMILL COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION – Supported by Canal and River Trust UCAN has had a busy Summer so far, reaching the milestone of 1000 hours of volunteer labour since our formation. On 29 June the Group assisted Oldham Council with flower bed planting outside the Museum for Uppermill’s entry to the national ‘Britain in Bloom’ competition, the Group also attended the 2 judging days for some pre-judge tidying, and to keep nearby geese at bay! As well as continuing the […]

Mossley man Gary completes mental health course

Reporter Ruby Anstee

A community member from homelessness charity Emmaus Mossley has completed a mental health training course run by Tameside, Oldham and Glossop (TOG) Mind Mossley resident, Gary Barton, completed the 10-week City & Guilds Level 2 Certificate in Community Mental Health course and has recently been presented with his certificates. Gary lives and works at the charity Emmaus Mossley and is keen to use his lived experience of homelessness to support others.

Speaking about the training, Gary said: […]

Yanks Weekend and its Characters

Reporter and photos Ruby Anstee

Every year in the Saddleworth area there is a time warp back to the 1940’s when celebrations take part, connected to the filming of a scene in the 1979 cinema release Yanks. Uppermill and Dobcross both take on a wartime look and many Characters can be spotted wandering around, chatting and dancing. I caught up with a few of the Characters and asked them how and why they do what they do. I have withheld […]

Dobcross as featured in ‘Yanks’ in 1978.

Saddleworth News Yanks

This weekend sees the 17th annual Yanks event taking place mainly in the Saddleworth Villages of Dobcross and Uppermill. It is a celebration connected to the fact that the film Yanks was filmed in part in the Village of Dobcross, Saddleworth.

Thanks to local Store Manager David Bradbury Saddleworth News can show you some archive images of the actual filming. ‘ I managed the local Co-Operative Store that was used in the Film’ says David.


Sponsored by Pawprints […]

Elk Mill brings magic of reading to life for Oldham Schoolchildren


Stuart Bogg

Elk Mill hosted schoolchildren from Oldham for a literacy-themed event designed to inspire them to develop a love of reading.


Children from Westwood Primary School, Richmond Primary School and St Hilda’s CofE Primary

School were treated to a storytelling session and fun, educational activities with staff from Smyths Toys. The schools were also given £100 of vouchers to purchase new books for their libraries.

The event was part of the Young Readers Programme, an initiative […]